Devoniant aims to publish original material with maximum exposure whilst allowing authors to retain significant freedom of their work. We gurantee that there is no transfer of copyright from the author who retains exclusive copyright over their work

When submitting work for publication, Authors do so in agreement with the following terms and conditions


Authors retain copyright over their work whilst giving Devoniant permission to publish it and guaranteeing that the Author is the original creator of that work



The original creator of a piece of Work


Contributing original creator for a piece of Work collaborating with other Authors


The act of sending a piece of Work by the Author for publication


All text, graphics, images and/or other materials forming part of a submission

Terms and Conditions

Once your submitted Work is accepted by us for publication, the Author grants Devoniant the non-exclusive right to publish the Work in electronic and print publication editions without alteration

The Author, or any Co-Author, confirms that they are the original creator of the Work and that they have the full ability to submit the Work for publication by Devoniant

The Author, or any Co-Author, reserves the following rights to their work but agrees not to do so in any way that would adversely impact the ability of Devoniant to utilise the Work as specified above

Subject to the licence granted above, the Author and Co-Authors retain the copyright to their Work and any intellectual property rights

The Author shall obtain in writing, and pass on to Devoniant, all consent necessary for the reproduction of material where a third-party exists including quotations, illustrations and photographs

The Author shall obtain in writing, and pass on to Devoniant, informed consent for publication from those who may recognise themselves or be identified by others

The Author and Co-Authors confirm that the Work does not contravene any applicable law or rights of any third party

The Author and Co-Authors confirm that they have the power to enter into this agreement and, where the work is a collaboration, that the submitting Author has the agreement of all Co-Authors

The Author agrees to indemnify Devoniant against all costs, liabilities, expenses, damages and costs as well as legal costs arising from any breach of laws or contracts