Beginning Graphics Programming with Processing 4

A guide to creating exciting computer graphics with the popular Processing language, fully updated to version 4

The book aims to teach the Processing programming language to both non-programmers and experienced programmers alike. Using the book, anyone can learn to create visually stunning graphics and animations, regardless of prior experience, and how to utilise them in web pages and Android applications

New and experienced programmers alike will soon be creating stunning static and animated graphics programs using lines, shapes and colour, and interacting with the keyboard and mouse to make exciting, dynamic graphics that change with input from the user before moving on to advanced topics such as:

If you are new to programming this unique book will take you through the fundamentals of graphics and object-oriented programming from first principals using the exciting graphics of the Processing language to bring your programs to life and provide visual feedback of your progress with examples and explanations of all the steps along the way

  • image manipulation
  • trigonometry
  • curve physics
  • acceleration
  • 3D graphics

The book concludes with a comprehensive introduction to Processing’s Programming Modes that provides concrete examples of using your new-found graphics programming skills. You will learn how to use:

  • Javascript mode to embed your graphics into web pages
  • Android mode to create amazing graphics and games for Android devices

The possibilities are truly endless

Welcome to the exciting world of graphics programming!

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